Recuperator prana 340S plus rectangular - air ventilation system


The diameter of the housing of the working module – 340мм 
Diameter of the mounting hole: 350 мм
The volume of air exchange during recuperation:
Inflow: 1600 м3/год
Exhaustion: 1520 м3/год 
Performance coefficient: 78-37%
Electricity consumption: from 70 W / h
to 490 W / h (depending upon the mode of operation).
It is possible to connect the recuperator to the system of ramified 
inflow and exhaust channels (ΣΔР ≤ 350Pa).
Also, the system can be made both for installation in the wall, 
and for placement inside the room. The ventilation system is controlled using 1-2 dimmers (standard equipment), or profes-sional control units (is completed to order).

Recuperator PRANA 340S+ Rectangular Controlled Mechanical Ventilation Centralized INDUSTRIAL SERIES

Price £ 1,750.00


Assembly and installation

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